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untitled, june 2014
jake and i took some pictures together.

..idiosyncratic error..
By: EggplantEyes
..banal idiosyncrasy..
By: EggplantEyes



You can now go and listen to my new record Ontario Gothic in full via Pitchfork Advance. I got to work with some of the best people / musicians in the world during the writing and recording of this record and it’s because of their contributions that I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with all of you. x

Sharing this again in case ya missed it ^__^

album of the year hands down <3

..upon first listening Ontario Gothic evokes a similar sensory experience to the likes of a cold front contrasting a sun-filled morning with a fog dwindling at the edges of where the horizon has yet to reach. A longing for Jack Frost kissed blades of grass and the leaves barely visible underneath the weight of muddied and  puddled water. This is by far one of the best records to come from Orchid Tapes this year from one of the founding fathers head and hands. Thumbs up and smiles Warren..

religion card on Flickr.
11 x 12.75 graphite and gouache on paper. Allison Sommers 2014.


: P

..reaching for keys/dig..
Anonymous: mat i'm ordering a pizza what should i get on it?



..yum/stuffed crust?..

..inspired by l u x u r y..






I just want you to know 
that my heart will always be true 
true blue
for you


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I’m actually still doing a lot of editorial work, I just keep forgetting to upload any of it! Here’s a comic I did for the New York Times Private Lives column back in July, thanks to AD Nathan Huang. I’ll upload more pieces later! I feel right now/dig..